You can now become an owner of part of Doda’s left foot, a chunk of her beautiful mind, her unbanded index finger, her shapely right tit, her pure heart or her magical smile…

A Non-Fungible First!

NFTs of tweets, memes, and art have already changed hands for tens of thousands or even millions of dollars. Now — hot in the footsteps of influencer Marti Renti selling her ‘Digital Love’ — the Polish megastar Doda has teamed up with Fanadise to create the world’s first ever 3D scan of herself as an NFT puzzle.

Doda’s 3D scan is the latest phenomenon…

We are excited to announce that Fanadise will integrate Chainlink VRF on Binance Smart Chain to access verifiably tamper-proof and unpredictable random numbers within its platform. By integrating the industry leading source of randomness for smart contracts, users have cryptographically verified assurances that the rarity they receive when minting NFTs is truly random and that winners are selected fairly and unbiasedly in community giveaways and draws.

Fanadise is transforming years of influencer marketing, eCommerce, and crypto experience into a new and revolutionary service. We are ready to be the biggest social media platform in the future.

Fanadise is an exclusive…

One of the key factors to success of all existing crypto startups are partnerships. You can basically measure the chances that the tokens you get yourself will be a big win by the number of partners, companies, startups and projects founders are able to team up with.

Fanadise partners up with different entities: casual influencers, like Zusje, Neffati Brothes or Marti, crypto influencers, like Evan Luthra, big tech crypto startups, like Enjin, Chainlink, Polygon, or smaller ones, like Uniqly or the whole list of others that we wait to announce. We also try to work with physical world companies, trying…

Same as all crypto projects, $FAN has it’s specific tokenomics consisting of all phases of our pre-sales, public sales, IDOs, private rounds, but also allocations for different purposes. Ultimate goal is to distribute 1 Billion $FANs to 1 Billion Fans.

Master Wallet allocations

Different allocation have different lockup periods.

Foundation Reserve has a 10 years lockup with 1% unlock per month .

Marketing & Creators has a 2.8% unlock per month.

Team has a 2.8% unlock per month.

Advisors & Partners has a 2.8% unlock per month.

All allocations are now officialy locked in contracts and all holding contracts can be checked and verified on BSCScan along with Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool.

Stay safe out there and always verify if the project fulfils it’s promises. Fanadise can be bought on Pancakeswap: and on

Happy Monday Fans! The goal of this article is to finally share our updated roadmap with you and let you know where Fanadise is heading!

Our mission: Launching the first NFT social mediaon the planet.

Without further ado, we present our updated roadmap for 2021/2022. These are some of the milestones we are all looking forward to, so we hope you’re as excited as we are!

The new Fanadise roadmap

We’ve already kicked off by Introducing Fanadise Burning and Community Burning weekly events, with our first burning event taking place tomorrow.

Next on the list will be revenue buyback, as it’s something you’ve all…

We understand that some investors are worried about the current price and how it can go up before the official roll out of the Fanadise platform. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce a weekly Fanadise burning event 🥳 That will be the first out of 2 weekly burning events to take place.

From next week, we’ll have 1 Fanadise burning event (every week). Here’s what it will consist of and the basics of it:

⁃ We’ll be doing a draw for the number of tokens to be burned for that weekly event with a range of 0–1 million tokens.


To retain the excitement from yesterday, we’re following on with another announcement to the community. Without further a do we present to you…


The community event will consist of a fun task that will have to do with social engagement with us one of our partners, for example to like, share or retweet a post, or one of our partners post. These tasks will generate points which will then determine the total amount of tokens to be burned!

Community Burning will be taking place every Friday starting from next week! We hope this will give $FAN holders the…

A step-by-step tutorial on PancakeSwap via TrustWallet and Metamask wallet

Fanadise ($FAN) is on the BINANCE SMART CHAIN Network, so the most popular transaction platform is Pancakeswap.

Here’s the pair:

Today we will be giving a guide to how to swap on PancakeSwap via Metamask or TrustWallet (two popular crypto wallets)

Here’s a guideline of what we will be exploring in this article:

  1. How to set up a MetaMask WAllet
  2. How to connect Metamask to Pancakeswap
  3. How to trade on Pancekswap
  4. How to add $FAN token in your Metamask
  5. How to set up a TrustWAllet

How to set up MetaMask Wallet?

If you don’t have a MetaMask Wallet yet, here’s a step-by-step how to install…

During the past three months we introduced many deals to different groups of people. Depending on added value and allocation size Fanadise investors have 90 days to even 3 years vesting. Listing event is today so first tokens will be unlocked in a couple of hours.

If you bought at the public sale (through the launchpad) your tokens will be claimable there. Public sale deal was 10% at TGE, 30 days cliff and 1% per day afterwards. Public sale tokens will be claimable starting 17:55 CET 29th July from the launchpad which has a link to smartcontract. It works the…

Fanadise is the world’s first influencer Utility NFTs platform. We’re delighted to announce that the $FAN token will have an anti-bot protection in place for the Pancake Swap listing on July 29th.

This is the official new Fanadise contract address:

Fanadise’s Top Priority Is To Protect Our Users, Especially During Our Token Listing!

The Anti-Bot protection will prevent bots from entering the pool before it is visible in the interface. Bots can significantly affect the price of freshly listed tokens. They are buying the token before real users, pushing the price up, which results in driving the average acquisition price higher. …


Fanadise is an exclusive content subscription platform made for NFT’s

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