As we mentioned in the previous article and on numerous occasions on social media, we created the new contract for $FAN token. The goal is simple: to get rid of bots, to allow more trading to happen, to increase the liquidity pool size and to implement new features like staking…

Our recent Doda 3D Scan NFT drops have been a massive success for the Fanadise team, but most importantly, the crypto community in general. We have always said we want to use our project to spread crypto awareness and adoption, and that’s exactly what we did with our latest drop…

One of the key factors to success of all existing crypto startups are partnerships. You can basically measure the chances that the tokens you get yourself will be a big win by the number of partners, companies, startups and projects founders are able to team up with.

Fanadise partners up…

Same as all crypto projects, $FAN has it’s specific tokenomics consisting of all phases of our pre-sales, public sales, IDOs, private rounds, but also allocations for different purposes. Ultimate goal is to distribute 1 Billion $FANs to 1 Billion Fans.

Master Wallet allocations

Different allocation have different lockup periods.

Foundation Reserve has a 10 years lockup with 1% unlock per month .

Marketing & Creators has a 2.8% unlock per month.

Team has a 2.8% unlock per month.

Advisors & Partners has a 2.8% unlock per month.

All allocations are now officialy locked in contracts and all holding contracts can be checked and verified on BSCScan along with Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool.

Stay safe out there and always verify if the project fulfils it’s promises. Fanadise can be bought on Pancakeswap: and on

Happy Monday Fans! The goal of this article is to finally share our updated roadmap with you and let you know where Fanadise is heading!

Our mission: Launching the first NFT social mediaon the planet.

Without further ado, we present our updated roadmap for 2021/2022. These are some of the…


Fanadise is an exclusive content subscription platform made for NFT’s

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