Design new Bear traits and win up to 100k USD!

Our Fancy Trait Swap App was successfuly launched last week and everyone loved the way it works. Until now, hundreds of Bear holders swapped the traits of their Bear. If you missed the launch, you can read more about it here:

That is why we decided to organize a huge contest and invite all the artists to participate!

Task: Design your NFT 2.0 trait and post it on Twitter (use this custom Bear as a base)

How much time do you have? Until 30th April

How big is the prize pool? 100k USD in $HONEY

How are we picking up the winner? We’ll select 50 finalist, after that FBM community will vote.

What traits can I design? You can design any trait (eyes, mouth, clothes, hat, ears). The best ideas will win.

Rules: first of all, design the new trait, secondly post it on Twitter with tags #traitswap #fancybears

Technical requirements: let’s keep it artistic! There are some specific things you need to keep in mind, but for now let’s assume that there are no limits! Use your imagination and make the Bear as Fancy as possible. After we select the winner we’ll adjust the traits to the mentioned requirements.

For more details please follow Fancy Bears on Twitter.

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