Doda 3D Scan NFT success in numbers

4 min readOct 11, 2021


Our recent Doda 3D Scan NFT drops have been a massive success for the Fanadise team, but most importantly, the crypto community in general. We have always said we want to use our project to spread crypto awareness and adoption, and that’s exactly what we did with our latest drop. Allowing fiat payments for NFTs opens an entirely new demographic group, making crypto accessible to all at the peak of the market. We have already shaken up the world media outlets with our out of the frame NFT utility like Marti Renti’s Love NFT and we only plan to take it further.

We decided to work with Doda because she’s the biggest superstar singer in Poland with international, European recognition. She has 3 mln followers across all social media channels. Her YouTube videos sum up in hundreds of millions of views. Polish media mention her almost on a daily basis. She’s a sweetheart of all gossip outlets because of the numerous scandals she participated in in the past two decades. Scanning her, minting NFTs to these scans, seemed to us the best idea as no one has ever done it before and Doda was excited to enter the space by doing something for the first time.

After we signed the agreement everything went according to plan. 47 articles, both Polish and international, generated a reach of almost 15 million people. There was not a single top news website that ignored the hype. Bartek was also invited to one of the top Polish morning shows to tell more about NFTs. In comparison to Marti Renti Digital Love NFT, Fanadise was mentioned almost everywhere. As a result, even more doors opened before us and suddenly everyone wants to be scanned.

For us, a success in scanning and minting NFTs for an influencer is the opening of a new business model we can now build on our fiat revenue and international recognition. We discuss and work on scanning internet creators from all continents. NFT 3D scans have an almost untapped market worth billions and investors are already eyeing good entry points for what’s going to be the next NFT craze. This is where Fanadise comes in:

Our aim is to have 3D scans of 1000 of our influencers by the end of 2022 — we want to find new ways for fans to support and interacts with their idol influencers closer, so we are exploring different utilisation and monetization methods.

With the crypto metaverse expanding vastly, you want to ensure you have secured your place in and ahead of the game with some true gems. Our team research indicates that the estimated value of our 3D models can reach $750 000 — $1 200 000. Fashion, art and music are all beginning to make their transition to the crypto multiverse and we are starting to see more and more exclusive content available to investors only.

In this evolutionary time of age, being ahead of the game is of essence. We believe our 3D models will capture a big percentage of new investors, as we offer easy access and a user-friendly platform that will allow you to make your first successful steps in the crypto sphere without any previously required knowledge or skill.

With its expanding influencer and investor base, Fanadise is establishing itself as a revolutionary platform that will lead the way for other projects and shift people’s perspectives of how we consume digital content and interact with our favourite celebrities. Content creators like models, artists and musicians expand their reach immensely by joining the Metaverse as it provides their fanbase with better and various interaction opportunities. It’s an exciting time and we are thrilled to be one of the first companies to leave our trail, we hope you’ll join us on this exciting cyber world journey!

We’ve always loved the idea of digital DNA, so we did our first 3D scan with Doda to bring our vision to life. Doda’s first piece sold out in 30 seconds. The second one sold put in 5 minutes. It’s beyond clear that fans crave for more and different ways to interact with their idols and we believe we can provide them. With more than 3000 people in our next drop waiting list, we already know the demand for fragmented pieces is only going to get bigger and Fanadise will be here to lead the way.

So far, Doda sold 90 pieces of all 400+ NFTs we will be minting out of her 3D scan. It generated more than 30000 USD of revenue. We’ll keep our community posted and inform you about the dates of future drops. Please also keep in mind that very soon we’re going to open the secondary markets on OpenSea and Rarible.




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