We understand that some investors are worried about the current price and how it can go up before the official roll out of the Fanadise platform. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce a weekly Fanadise burning event 🥳 That will be the first out of 2 weekly burning events to take place.

From next week, we’ll have 1 Fanadise burning event (every week). Here’s what it will consist of and the basics of it:

⁃ We’ll be doing a draw for the number of tokens to be burned for that weekly event with a range of 0–1 million tokens.

There will be a 60% chance that it will be a number up to 0–200k, 30% (200k-500k), 10% (500k-1m).

There will be a weekly video of the draw on the dedicated Fanadise Burning drawing machine which we’ll share with you. We hope this will give $FAN holders the opportunity to have some fun and participate in these events and enjoy the sweet profits after!

Another event we’ll introduce soon will be Community Burning, but more on this later this week!

We’re very excited about the bright future of Fanadise and hope you’ll join us on our journey to new and unexplored territories in the NFT world!