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Tokenomy is a foundation of every crypto project. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, proof-of-concept coins, proof-of-stake tokens, liquidity pools, DeFi, NFTs — they all run by the rules of supply and demand. The whole blockchain scene is ultimately a one big digital economic ecosystem and economies have some things in common. Like inflation. Or market cycles. Every team standing by each single coin in the market injected their project with its own intrinsic ‘monetary’ system (“it’s programmed” says BTC maximalist on CT) which can eventually become the key to success — or the reason of a failure.

We truly believe our system is special and is one of the reasons why $FAN coin will shake — and change — the market and social media forever.

Fanadise is an exclusive content NFT platform for internet creators. Our goal is to change the social world by decentralising the ownership of content thus giving back the power to the people. To make that happen, we decided to mix the Non Fungible Tokens, mechanisms known from the DeFi projects and social media scene into one ecosystem. In the following weeks we’re going to reveal further details but what we can already show you will definitely draw your attention (as it already did to many of our supporters and investors).

What you already know is pretty simple: we minted 1,000,000,000 $FAN tokens. Our coin is a utility token and will be used to create, gratify and run the community and the economic system around our services. 2% of the tokens will be sold at the pre-sale (0.05$ USD), 14% will be sold at the public sale (0.075$+ USD), 23% allocated for marketing and creator benefits, 19% used to provide liquidity to decentralized exchanges, 16% divided between our team and advisors and 26% frozen as reserve. Pre-sale and public sale will have a short lockup, rest of the coins will be released from the smart contract in the next 36 months (it doesn’t mean they will ever reach the market though).

The idea is simple: We want people to USE our token in the application we are creating (that’s why we use the word ‘utility’). We want them to benefit from the fact they own the token not only by the speculative appreciation of its price, but by means of staking, farming, hodling and utilizing it within the Fanadise gamified system. In the standard DeFi farming projects you’re gonna lend or borrow (AAVE, COMP, SNX), stake coins to create a single sided or standard LP (all the DEXes). Some of them will offer you additional bonus appreciation in time (BNT). Lotteries and bets have also started to become a thing (PCS). APR and APY will often cause high inflation and make the price of the token go down — which is combated by the teams mostly by bringing more new users to the table and ‘burning’ the tokens they have in their bags (which will limit the circulating market cap but not necessarily the retail dumping). In Fanadise we have some ideas on how to combat inflation and how to avoid the ponzi-like futures of all inflationary projects.

First of all, staking $FAN token will not (or mostly won’t) give you rewards in $FAN token. No magic money tricks. We’re going to create NFT farms and the system where staking — and the duration of it — will increase the chances you have to draw more unique NFT moments — and in larger quantities. Let’s say we have 200 influencers on board and 10 of them are the ones you like. If you have 1000 $FAN tokens you can put a different number of tokens on different farms. It will improve your chances to win a concert ticket NFT or a birthday wish NFT or a special merchandising drop entrance NFT — or just a common picture NFT of your favourite actor with his puppy. It’s up to you which one of them you’d like to get most (and thus put most of your $FAN stack to).

The NFT moments will be like game cards with a utility (connected to the influencer and his own website created within the Fanadise system). They will have copies — and go from common to rare to holo, platinum and then unique (only one #). Some users will have a lot of commons and some will hunt for ultra rares (uniques). In time, the number of NFTs will grow. But what if we make it more dynamic and allow our users to forge a rare NFT from 5 commons? Or a unique from 10 ultra rares? The number of NFTs will also reduce in time as they will be burned in the process. What happens if our users burn 900 copies out of 1000? Or maybe someone will burn 999 and create a Unique from something that was once common? The idea is to provide more value to low level NFTs, increase demand, and therefore provide more liquidity on the secondary market.

What is more, we’re going to create an NFT lottery. You’ll be allowed to buy NFT packs with our $FAN token. Limited merchandise. Pay for subscriptions and get higher chances to draw a rare. Tickets to the events available only to the $FAN coin hodlers. Gain access to tiers of content available for the $FAN community only. Team fights. Influencer popularity futures. Everything around the idea of a Fan Center.

Our basic subscription is just a ticket that opens the door for the completely new experience. No other platform will be necessary for the influencers to monetize their social presence — from merchandise to NFT, everything will be provided under one roof. You think influencers do not have that much to offer? Think again! Possibilities are endless and I will introduce you to the realm of exclusive content in the next article.

And all that will be tokenized, minted in NFT, secured on our platform and made available for the community. By the means of staking and utilities we want to reduce the number of $FANs being traded daily to increase the token price. $FAN will be a token widely used by our community but not dumped to the market. Cheap BSC will allow us to make real use of it.

This is our idea to make Fanadise a big success. We meticulously analyzed what’s working and what’s not working around the block and came up with the pros and cons of all possible features. We’re working hard to make this reality happen. What’s the timeline? The websites are already working. We start minting NFTs to your wallets in May. By the end of the month we’ll finish the designs of the abovementioned system and afterwards we’ll be coding them. First beta will be introduced in July and the fully working system in August or September.

More updates are coming, so stay put. Please don’t forget about our pre-sale and public sales too. Here is an article about it:

Tl;dr pre/public sale

those of you who haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to our public sale mailing list at

Afterwards please remember fill out our sale form:

Also please perform the whitelisting process through our partner Blockpass:

If you have any more questions or just want to keep in touch with us, please join our official Telegram channel: Fanadise

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Dynamic Labs are populating the Metaverse with all kinds of utility NFTs and digital content: fashion, traits, goods and PFPs.

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Dynamic Labs

Dynamic Labs are populating the Metaverse with all kinds of utility NFTs and digital content: fashion, traits, goods and PFPs.