Fanadise anti-bot listing strategy

Fanadise’s Top Priority Is To Protect Our Users, Especially During Our Token Listing!

The Anti-Bot protection will prevent bots from entering the pool before it is visible in the interface. Bots can significantly affect the price of freshly listed tokens. They are buying the token before real users, pushing the price up, which results in driving the average acquisition price higher. Then they will sell the tokens above their own average buying price.

  1. Bots send their “buy token” transactions right after the “create Pancakeswap liquidity pool” transaction — even before the pool is visible in the Pancake interface.
  2. Bots buy the token before humans, pushing the price up.
  3. Humans buy the token after bots at higher prices.
  4. Bots dump on humans (Fanadise Antibot System attempts to protect against that).

Fanadise’s Team Will Take Care of This!

⚠️ HEAR US OUT! This Is Important. ⚠️

Fanadise will prevent the bots from dumping on humans. Here is how the anti-bot protection is going to work:

  • there will be a limit of one transaction per minute per address
  • after 10 minutes, the bots will stops working and there won’t be any restrictions on trading anymore



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