Fanadise crafted Digital Love NFT for the first time in history

We promised you a revolution in social media. It’s been two months since we launched Fanadise, it’s about time we do something revolutionary. This is why we crafted Digital Love NFT for the first time in history. And we did it for a particular internet personality, using her DNA. Let’s hear from our main character:

My name is Marti Renti. It’s not my “real” name though, it’s the digital version of it, coming from the parallel world where the internet is my stage. In the physical world I’m officially called Marta Rentel and I’m a regular girl from Poland. But honestly, how do you even tell the difference between both realities in this modern world of ours? As if you could claim that my millions of followers don’t follow me at all, because they don’t chase me on the streets and rather do so in the metaverse, where both worlds intertwine. As if you could convince me, that compliments, jokes and hate feels less real when it’s digitized. As if an SMS or a message never hurt you or made you laugh. As if emotions were something you could touch.” read more at

More and more fragments of our daily lives start to have their digital equivalent. Small talks in trains became phone calls and phone calls morphed into messengers. We used to have analogue pictures only, we now have them mostly digitized. Long distance relationships were never that thinkable and became possible mostly because the metaverse reality draws us in such a gentle and seductive way that we didn’t even notice that our lives became parallel.

Very soon even more advanced AI personalities will start to show up. Resembling human beings, they will not only have digital thoughts, but digital emotions too. The same DNA NFTs as we present to you today. The idea is going to change the world, but let’s start right here, right now.

What’s in it for you? Please subscribe to to learn more about our plans. We’ll be releasing more information in the upcoming days as well.



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