Fanadise May 2021 pre-sale and public sale information

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3 min readApr 26, 2021


It has been exactly three weeks since we launched our website, and uploaded our first Instagram photo (@fanadisecom). It was an intense but a highly satisfying time — after 7 months of hard back-end and back-office work we managed to launch 20 websites for our wonderful team of internet creators, just to mention a few:,, or At this very moment we’re signing actors, musicians, comics, artists, influencers, youtubers, athletes — we want our platform to be diverse, with all kinds of talented people. The next step is to put them on the Blockchain. On the crypto side of the internet we gathered almost a 1000 subscribers on our public sale mailing list, Telegram and Twitter (growing every day at an accelerating rate!).

To continue our dream of creating a new generation of decentralized social media — and to create an ecosystem allowing this to happen — we are organizing a pre-sale, followed up by a public sale a few weeks later. Those of you who got here early — you have already won, congratulations! Those who will join us in May and June will be winners too. We want to change the internet to be a place where not only the big corporations are winning, but the small fish are too. Our token will not only allow us to operate but will also become the foundation to our advanced tokenomics system (I will post a separate article about it in the near future).

Everyone’s asking about this pre/public sale though. So when is pre/public sale, Jakub?

Let’s talk about the pre-sale first. To keep it simple:

1. We decided to divide our pre-sale into two parts.

2. The first pre-sale event will launch 5.05.2021 at 6 PM CET. The second one will launch 12.05.2021 also at 6 PM CET.

3. Only those who subscribe to our mailing list will receive a special email with the wallet addresses (ETH/USDT or BNB) at the Zero Hour. After payment completion we will ask you to confirm your transfer amount and the wallet from which the payment was sent, in order to assign you the right amount of $FAN tokens with our smart contract.

4. As stated on our website, the token price on both of the pre-sales will be 0.05$, with 3 months lockup (which means that you’re going to receive your $FAN token 7.08.2021 or 12.08.2021).

5. After we confirm your transfer (as per paragraph 3) we will ask you to send us your wallet address to which we will then transfer your $FAN token’s.

6. In case of oversale, we will return you the exact amount that you sent us. And If you don’t make it — no worries, the second part of pre-sale will function exactly the same.

7. That’s it. These are your instructions.

Public sale will be a little bit different:

1. Together with we’re working on a special one-stop launchpad — we will whitelist you there, collect funds there, send you the tokens there and so on. You’ll be able to log-in and see what’s going on as well as the progress of our fundraiser.

2. In order to keep it safe and clean we divided the public sale into 5 phases, 20% of the public sale allocation in each.

3. Every round of the public sale will have a slightly higher token price (starting at 0.075$) and a longer lockup.

4. We will deploy a special crosschain smart contract which will send you your tokens automatically — regardless of whether you send us the funds through ERC-20 or BEP-20 network.

5. What’s more, we will accept Bitcoin and card payments! However, using these will require you to send us your wallet address afterwards.

6. That is all.

Please keep in mind that with almost a 1000 people already subscribed to our channels it may be highly advisable to attend the pre-sale event exactly at 6 PM CET. We can not guarantee that there will be enough cake for everyone.

And for those of you who haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to our public sale mailing list at

Afterwards please remember fill out our sale form:

Also please perform the whitelisting process through our partner Blockpass:

If you have any more questions or just want to keep in touch with us, please join our official Telegram channel: Fanadise

More news coming soon. Let’s change social media forever — together. Fanadise to the moon.

Best of luck,



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