Fanadise NFT Dashboard Sneak Peeks

4 min readFeb 6, 2022

The $FAN NFT Dashboard the whole team has developed in the past months is ready for launch. Since the second half of 2021, Fanadise strived to drive NFT adoption in the mass markets and bring exciting projects into existence. We sold thousands of NFTs — like no-one did before — in the “ecommerce” way, where fans were able to pay with their credit cards, were onboarded through our dedicated websites, finally landing on our crypto native NFT Dashboard. This year won’t be different.

  1. Following the customized landing pages+universal dashboard model we developed the latter in a way that’s gonna be able to serve multiple purposes. One of them is selling NFTs with crypto currencies — including the $FAN token. Some of the sales will be $FAN token exclusive in order to bring more volume and attention to our native currency.

2. Overall, the Dashboard will be developed in a way where both primary and secondary markets are going to thrive. Our plan is to enable access not only to the fans of mainstream influencers, but also crypto natives, especially since Fancy Bears Metaverse became a huge success and Fanadise started to become recognized in the crypto world.

3. There will be two ways to set up an account in our dashboard. It’s a pretty unique Web2+Web3 combination (and that’s the reason why it took so much time), where all the accounts user register through the Web2 customized influencers landing pages will eventually be turned into Web3 accounts via our dashboard (which merges both worlds into one).

4. You’re also going to be able to sign up with your Metamask wallet, same as to all the other Web3 Dapps. Both will result in an account creation and getting access to the Fanadise ecosystem.

5. The Dashboard will include two ways of paying, as earlier, allowing people from both worlds to participate in all NFT sales. FAN token will be the main and the mostly promoted way of paying for the NFTs.

6. Fanadise Dashboard will bring together all the existing, old and new, ongoing Fanadise projects. And there is plenty of them! Our plans are indeed exciting and minting NFTs for the celebrities is just part of our business. The huge success of Fancy Bears made us recognized and new business opportunity is mind-blowing. Stay put for all kinds of NFTs: PFP, fashion, land, music, access, utility and more!

The Dashboard will have its soft launch in the upcoming week. We’re going to develop it further until it becomes a full scale launchpad for the new Web3 NFT related projects. Land, access and fashion may be some of the biggest opportunities out there, although celebrities will be onboarded according to our plan.

And BTW, we’re also pretty far ahead with our 3D scanning hardware technology. Since last year, we scanned more than 100 celebrities. The database is growing and so our capability of selling NFTs. In the past 12 months we exceeded 6 mln USD in NFT sales. We’re also talking with some of the biggest VC funds in the crypto world. 2022 is going to be amazing for the whole NFT community and Fanadise will be a part of this exciting journey.

See you guys (together with Fancy Bears) on the moon!




Fanadise is populating the Metaverse with all kinds of utility NFTs and digital content: fashion, traits, goods and PFPs.