Honey Shots — a summary of a BNB Chain Raffle NFT project

The time has come to finish the Honey Shots Raffle and summarize what we’ve accomplished in the previous weeks. First, we should start by outlining all the new friendships that we’ve made along the way. As we all know crypto and NFTs are currently in the Bear market so making new friends is very important during those hard times. Our main goal besides fun was to connect people not just inside of one chain, we wanted to do something bigger. This idea quickly came to life! We have managed to partner with so many amazing BNB projects, CEXes and people like MM Crypto, Vlaunch, Binance NFTs, Pixel Sweepers, Planet ZUUD, The Bull Society, Horror Ape Club, Pancake Squad, Degen Ape Club, Wonderful Day, The Goodfellas, Fekiki Club and Rare Board. There is no better way to describe this than show it all in one picture. We look like one big family!

By bringing together communities of so many projects and partnering with the biggest players in the NFT space we fueled the BNB chain with a huge sweep of more than 500 NFTs from projects that partnered with us. To spice up things even more we added one land from The OtherSide, a bunch of Fancy Bears, 500 special traits and lots of $HONEY token as a consolation prize. We were ready to go!

Although the mint took place in one of the hardest moments for NFTs we were not surprised to almost fully sell out the supply. Believe it or not 1446 holders joined the raffle minting more than 5000 Honey Shots. It was probably the biggest NFT cross-chain event between BNB and ETH that took place in 2022. You can just imagine what kind of effect it had on every project. The excitement of sweeps skyrocketed the floor price of our partners, the group chats were once again alive, it was almost like in the good old days.

Bringing mass adoption to NFTs is a long process and one of the most crucial factors that will guarantee future success is people joining forces on this bumpy road. Honey Shots gave us all a fun way of learning about new projects and the possibility to join all those amazing NFT communities. We can already see that every project including Fancy Bears gained a bunch of new holders that are bringing lots of value and positive vibes. You can be sure that this is not the end and that many new ideas will flourish based on the friendships we have built. We believe that the future is dynamic and cross-chain! Once again we thank you all for this great experience! Bottoms Up!

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