Important $FAN contract upgrade announcement

We hope you have enjoyed our recent NFT drop and are looking forward to an eventful October! Lots of things are going on behind the scenes and more and more influencers are going to launch their campaigns on the Fanadise platform.

We recently managed to sell 90 NFTs of Doda’s 3D scans, a huge success that caught the attention of Polish media outlets and lots of international websites as well. Hundreds of thousands of people heard about NFTs and Fanadise for the first time. After all, that’s what we want — to spread awareness about crypto and NFTs!

Since we launched $FAN of Pancakeswap (late July) there has been multiple discussions regarding the token contract and the antibot solutions we need to implement in the future. In the past two months we gathered data, analyzed existing solutions and different options — the way different contracts and contract features behave in time and what sort of influence, both positive and negative, they can have on the token development and price.

We want to listen to our community’s feedback, so we have decided to bring significant upgrades to our contract. This will help us manage bots and whales and provide better trading conditions for everyone. It will also allow us to retain more control on price action and won’t leave us powerless regardless of what the future may hold for Fanadise.

Please note: The contract redeployment will take place in the middle of October. We will announce the detailed schedule this week.

Please find an extended list of features our new contract will include.

1. Automatic liquidity pool increase — a configurable % of each transaction goes automatically to the liquidity pool

2. Automatic burning — a configurable % of each transaction is automatically burned

3. Anti bot — whitelist/blacklist of addresses allowed to trade

4. Anti whale — whitelist/blacklist of addresses with a maximum cap per transaction

5. Whitelisting and blacklisting of any other address

6. Staking, vesting and APR for locking liquidity will be added later on to the new contract.

All the existing tokens will be either redeemable for the new $FAN token on a dedicated LP. Once we deploy the new contract, we will share with you link to a landing page where you’ll be able to claim your tokens. Existing $FAN holders who have been impacted by the redeployment will have 6 months to claim their tokens through the above mentioned landing page.

The ultimate goal is to improve your experience using and trading $FAN token, get rid of all the issues our community was facing and affect the price action in a way to satisfy all Fanadise supporters.

More details to follow before launch.



Dynamic Labs are populating the Metaverse with all kinds of utility NFTs and digital content: fashion, traits, goods and PFPs.

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Dynamic Labs

Dynamic Labs are populating the Metaverse with all kinds of utility NFTs and digital content: fashion, traits, goods and PFPs.