New $FAN Contract Claiming Instructions

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3 min readOct 21, 2021


As we mentioned in the previous article and on numerous occasions on social media, we created the new contract for $FAN token. The goal is simple: to get rid of bots, to allow more trading to happen, to increase the liquidity pool size and to implement new features like staking more effectively in future. From now on, the mathematics and algorithms will be on our side.

New $FAN contract address:

Landing page we created for claiming: holders

Token balance will be automatically migrated onto the new contract — there is no further action to be taken. Just double check the contract address post migration to make sure it matches the new address shared above.

Wallet holders (Metamask/Trust Wallet)

Claim your new tokens within 10 months (no rush) by visiting


  1. Visit the claiming page above through your wallet DAPP or a browser (Chrome/Firefox)

2. Connect your wallet (the one you have your old $FAN tokens on) and enter the amount of tokens you wish to migrate then hit “Approve”

3. Wait to load and then hit “migrate”

4. Wait for the confirmation and “success” message

5. Go back to your wallet, manually add the new token (instructions can be found on the internet if you don’t know how -> if it’s Metamask just click “add token” and paste the new token contract address: 0xb6d48fcef36e19681ee29896b19c1b6cbd1eab1b) and check you balance — old token balance should be 0 if you migrated all your tokens.

6. You’re all set!

  • Vested holders: Unlocked tokens can be claimed through the same claiming landing page. Locked vested tokens can be migrated as they get unlocked — investors will have 10 months to do so
  • Burning

The total amount of tokens to be burned after redeployment will be the sum of burned tokens from the old and new contract burned tokens

*Please note that any tokens which don’t get migrated (claimed) within those 10months will be burned (on the new contract)


  • What happens to the old token?

It will remain active and available to trade for 10 months (until 1.08.2022), afterwards it will be deactivated.

  • What’s the tax?

For now we set it to 5% — all goes towards liquidity

  • Is my new token balance going to be the same?

Yes, transfer is 1:1

  • How about my vesting contracts, what’s happening with my locked tokens?

How do I buy the new token on Pacakeswap?

10 months period was set up by the team because this is when all the contracts will become claimable. You just claim your tokens from the old FAN contract and migrate them to the new FAN.

If you have any additional questions please drop us a message on Telegram or



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