The Public Sale announcement

The last month was quite a ride for Fanadise team and our community. Even though it’s been 6 months since we started coding our premium content platform, we launched the (crypto) marketing campaign in the beginning of April. During that time:

  • we managed to close our first 400k pre-sale event in 15 minutes
  • we also managed to close our second 600k pre-sale event in 5 minutes
  • we signed and onboarded 50+ influencers
  • we ran successful market tests of our platform with Justyna, Karolina, Iza and other creators — we managed to register 5000+ users and generated more than 10k$ of MRR
  • we signed partnerships with other crypto startups (we’ll be announcing that soon)
  • and our community grew to 3000 people on our mailing list and Telegram group talk + 30000 people on our Twitter and Instagram
  • also have you seen our explainer video? :) WHAT EXACTLY IS AN NFT?!
  • (we also managed to get in touch with Will Smith and other celebs as per your multiple requests — well informed insiders already know about some of our newest influencer acquisitions) ;)

There are so many other things I’d love to tell you — but I can’t yet. Very soon we’ll be announcing more great news and names, one by one.

Now the time has come to take another step. The recent crypto dip made us reassess our assumptions but we came into simple realisation that even though the overall market is now volatile and full of FUD, pre-sales and public sales are still one of the most certain sources of high ROI’s for investors. What is more, our community is here for the long term as they believe our strategy, expertise and the social media trends. We’re a real startup, with revenue and paying customers, and it makes us much more susceptible to what happens in the crypto world.

So, what’s the plan? Please see below:

  1. Token Offering SECRET PARTNER27.05.2021 4 PM CET, 10% unlocked on TGE, 30 days cliff, then 1% per day, 0.2% total supply, 0.060$ per FAN, 500$ min 1500$ max per person
  2. Public Sale Round A — 27.05.2021 6 PM CET, 10% unlocked on TGE, 30 days cliff, then 1% per day, 1.5% total supply, 0.075$ per FAN, 250$ min 25k$ max per person
  3. Public Sale Round B — TBA, 10% unlocked on TGE, 30 days cliff, then 1% per day, 2.0% total supply, 0.085$ per FAN, 250$ min 25k$ max per person
  4. Public Sale Round C — TBA, 2.0% total supply, 0.095$ per FAN, 250$ min 25k$ max per person
  5. Public Sale Round D — TBA, 1.5% total supply, 0.110$ per FAN, 250$ min 25k$ max per person
  6. Public Sale Round E — TBA, 2.0% total supply, 0.120$ per FAN, 250$ min 25k$ max per person
  7. Public Sale Round F — TBA, 2.0% total supply, 0.140$ per FAN, 250$ min 25k$ max per person
  8. IDO 1 & 2 — TGE, to be announced
  9. Listing — early July, estimated listing price: 0.150$

We pushed the date of our Round A a couple of days further because we joined forces with our new strategic partner (we’ll announce the company on Monday) and decided to run a token offering on their launchpad a couple of hours before our own Public Sale event. The founder of this secret company became an advisor in Fanadise and is going to help us substantially in crypto world marketing and partnerships.

In comparison to our Pre-Sale, the Public Sale will have it’s own Launchpad and we’ll be introducing it tomorrow. Every single participant will have to complete the whitelisting process. All Pre-Sale transactions will be imported to the Launchpad in the following days. We’ll be offering a referral program as well. There will also be an airdrop for the community members (more information coming next week).

That is all for now. Take care in your market adventures, always remember to DYOR — and remember to join our Public Sale, one of the hottest events of May and June.

Talk to you soon,




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