Staking $FAN & $KARMA token introduction

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2 min readNov 19, 2021


We did it!

A massive thank you to the community for their patience! We recently told you it was imminent and here it is!

Check it out on

Here’s how we’ve decided to implement the staking process:

The amount of tokens staking investors receive will depend on the total amount of people who are staking with us — in other words, the more people stake, the more benefit for everyone. We have simplified the process as much as possible.

To stake your $FAN tokens, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Connect your desired wallet (make sure to have BNB as well for the transaction fee)

3. Select the amount you’d like to stake

4. Press “stake”

5. Once loading has completed, hit Approve

6. You’re ready to go!

Please note you can unstake your tokens at any point, however if you request unstake you need wait 30 days to get your tokens without a fee. Should you wish to unstake immediately, a 15% charge fee is applied

In addition to the above, we are pleased to introduce to you our new governance token $KARMA.

We like innovative ideas and we like to make things differently and to push the boundaries of the norm. That’s why we decided to introduce a token that brings something more than financial value — a token that will enable you to be an active participant in the project, receive special content, discounts and perks. Think of $KARMA as a governance token with additional benefits.

So how does it all work? You will passively earn $KARMA when you have staked tokens. This token cannot be traded, it has a governance utility exclusively and no financial value.

You get 1 Karma when you stake 1000 $FAN for 1 Day

For example:

1k $FAN staked for 30days = 30 Karma

Going forward, its use-case will become more significant, as it will unlock exclusive content from creators, access to upcoming company events and lots more.

Despite the token not having financial value, you will be able to buy other things from our website with $KARMA, like merchandise for instance.

In addition, we will introduce a ranking board with all $KARMA holders and those with the biggest token holdings will receive exclusive rewards like NFTs and many more.

We are very keen on building a company and business that offers multiple perks and benefits to its investors, so we are extremely pleased to be able to share these updates with you. We believe the staking program combined with the introduction of $KARMA will add a lot of value to our project, but also present great opportunities and incentive to new and existing holders!



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