The Dynamic NFTs and the expansion of the Metaverse — The Big Plan

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Context: in December 2021, together with Bartek Sibiga, just after we launched the Fancy Bears, an idea came to our minds that the current paradigm of static NFTs is simply not enough. As much as we believed in NFTs (both of us left behind companies we’ve been building for the past 10 years), something simply didn’t feel right about the idea that NFTs should contain only what you get after the reveal. We decided to challenge the status quo and come up with a new proposition for the whole space. This article is a summary of what we call the Dynamic NFTs. — by Jakub Chmielniak, the CEO of Dynamic Labs

Last year, “the Metaverse” became hotter than any other buzz word ever before. It became so hot, that the biggest social media company in the world renamed itself to Meta. It’s been decades since physical businesses started to enter the digital world. Ecommerce, social media, on-line entertainment, and many other phenomenons were born. The process will only speed up in the decades to come, with the rise of AR/VR/XR tech and further expansion of the internet and blockchain technologies. The new, digital world means new rules and demand for solutions that will make the integration processes better, easier and faster. Metaverse and web3 are not the same, but at Trait Swap, we unify them as an integral part of the bigger picture. NFTs enable what wasn’t possible before — instant proof and transfer of the ownership of any asset attached to it (digital, physical and phygital), deep integrations between different ecosystems and ease of carrying all of them in the same standard.

In a way, NFTs make the Metaverse possible. And that’s exactly why they’re so important to us. They’re much more than just some speculative assets — more like red cells in the bloodstream.

Imagine a simple scenario: you buy a Bored Ape or a Fancy Bears on Open Sea, it lands in your wallet as a token minted some time ago from a specific contract. It has some metadata and a picture (of an ape/bear) attached to it. You can look at it, place it as your PFP, so other can see it too, verify your Twitter account — or just sell it. It can act as a key that unlocks incentives from different brands, like free airdrops from Adidas. The current market offers you nothing more than that. With us, your Bored Ape will be able to put on a jacket from Diesel or a hoodie from Off White or a sunglasses from Ray Ban. Brands will allow you to redeem your digital item for a physical one. You will be buying digital goods in their physical stores (coming soon). NFTs will give you not only a proof of purchase and ownership, but also an additional asset. You can rock the style you love in two parallel worlds simultaneously. Are you headed to the Premier League game tomorrow? Change that hoodie into an Arsenal t-shirt and get access to the special VIP space in the stadium. Are you in LA and you want to go to Arena? Easy — just get their trait, swap it and you’ll be granted free access. Your Ape or Bear will become your 3D persona — whether it’s to jump on a call (we can add AI-generated voice as well), play Fortnite, Otherside, or trade. Coachella in 3 months, how do I get the ticket? It’s so simple, just buy an NFT, stake it on, say, Franklin — gates are open. Right, your PFP can have a name, also minted as an NFT and staked. It can be used to store information such as pictures, documents, certificates or diplomas encrypted with ZK protocols. Anywhere you go, you can connect your wallet with your personalized avatar, packed with content, data, ready to use anytime you want.

And if you want to swap your avatar to something else… just disconnect your other assets and bring your new pet to the table. On Trait Swap, all Metaverse users will be able to dynamically build and personalize their digital avatars.

Right now Trait Swap allows you to customize your Fancy Bears, Bored Apes, Mutants, and so on, using branded traits from high end brands. Our goal is to expand with this idea much further. Trait Swap is a dynamic NFTs infrastructure, on which we build specific applications and solutions for different sorts of web2 and web3 businesses. Our key focus is to enable growth of utility-rich, interoperable and comoposable digital goods market. Our marketplace will allow you to mint, trade, stake, claim, and redeem countless types of NFTs, coming from different types of blockchains and ecosystems, integrated under one roof and on one, simple infrastructure. What Amazon did with the way we buy physical goods, we intend to do for digital ecommerce. We imagine NFTs as standalone components, connected and interacting with each other. Dynamic NFTs enable indefinite complexity of creation: scaling and personalizing every product and experience out there.

Our infrastructure will integrate all the existing avatars, games, metaverses, AI, sports, and VR/AR entertainment experiences. Standardized digital assets will enable the deepest, broadest — and yet the easiest integrations between different ecosystems that we ever had chance to build.

Metaverse can’t be static, it’s ever growing, evolving, and compounding. We imagine that the profile picture NFTs will evolve into the universal 2D/3D avatars that will become your true digital self, with all your digital assets attached to it, acting as key, as a status symbol, as a token, as an in-game character, and more. Our SDK will give full infrastructural access for numerous brands, startups, and apps creating digital assets for the next generations of users. We plan to use AI generated images to match the style of all collections that we integrate with. By working with us, fashion brands can target and incentivize real users and create communities in between the communities. Festivals can distribute tickets that can act both as a proof of ownership and marketing tool for their efforts, staked on the profile picture. Sport teams can provide gated experiences for the most loyal fans wearing jerseys and caps on their avatars before, during and after the game. Consumer companies will create elaborate, evolving, dynamic loyalty programs.

In the end, our goal is to bring hundreds of millions of users to the metaverse. But we can’t do it all alone. It will be possible only with a clear plan, great tech and a long list of partners, their teams and their communities, seeking for new frontiers outside the world they already know. In first place, we onboard web3 natives from PFP communities and brands that already are exploring the metaverse. It will allow us to prepare for the next bull run with all the infrastructure/apps/team needed for the real expansion.

We want to team up with the biggest, this is why in the following months we will keep announcing new ecosystem members, new brands, new companies, new startups, new exchanges, new gateways to the metaverse. The list is pretty long already, but our ultimate goal is to integrate with every single web3 community out there — just to make it much cooler than it is now.

That’s our vision of the metaverse. If you want to help us to build, don’t hesitate and get in touch.

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