To all hodlers: WE NEED YOU!

Massive growth of FANADISE! But we need you now!

The growth of Fanadise has been mind-blowing. From growing slowly to exploding massively in the news worldwide after having sold the Marti Renti NFT for $250,000.

So this article is especially to you, the community, and holders: WE NEED YOU!

First of all, we want to thank all the community and supporters from the early stages, Fanadise is on massive growth and the future of Fanadise is brighter than ever. We are working very hard to deliver and go beyond what we have promised. We aim to be the BIGGEST social media platform and the $FAN token will be used by all FANS in the world.


We have done very successful private and public sales, even though the market conditions were not very positive, we were still able to smash! Nothing is stopping us anymore.

BIG time is coming on Thursday and we really need your support!

Apes together, apes stronger. We need help to spread our news and Fanadise potential, especially now for listing!

FANADISE IS LISTING ON THURSDAY, JULY 29TH and we need community support to help us spread Fanadise news everywhere!

We appreciate the support we have had, however, this is the time we need you guys the most. We are going to deliver an astonishing project, but we still need time (even though we’re working very hard). But having a good listing is crucial for us. We are ready to go to the moon, are you helping us?
Let’s go spread Fanadise news everywhere, we are so excited for this date!

Fanadise is here to change

Fanadise is here to stay

$FAN is listing on July 29th, are you ready to go to the moon with us?! LET’S MAKE FANADISE FAMOUS!

Join and stay tuned:

Fanadise is an exclusive content subscription platform made for NFT’s