Why NFT? Is this just a trend or NFT is here to stay?

There has been huge hype in crypto since 2020, memecoins, shitcoins. With different themes, dog-themed, cat-themed. No fundamentals, rather than purely hype.

NFT went mainstream as a few artists and big companies entered this industry, a few examples are Nike, NBA, Kings of Leon, Grimes, and Linkin Park singer. And, in February 2021, more NFTs were traded in 24 hours than in the entirety of 2020. But the question is…Is this temporary only? First, let’s have a look on:

What are NFT and its potential?

The Non-fungible tokens are digital representations of value that live on the blockchain. They are unique, hard to copy, and tradable. A digital art, a rare video, music file, any of those can become an NFT.

Let’s give it an example. Do you remember NyanCat video? The flowing cat with a rainbow tail with an infinite-loop song went viral on the internet and became one of the most-known international memes. However, the meme had been forgotten for a few years for the majority of people.

NyanCat was one of the first memes to be sold as NFT; A repetitive cat video ended up becoming a half-million-dollar piece of art.
NyanCat was one of the first memes to be sold as NFT; A repetitive cat video ended up becoming a half-million-dollar piece of art.

The owners of NyanCat released it as a piece of art and sold it as NFT. The GIF was sold as NFT for $590,000. The buyer got the original GIF from NyanCat and became its owner. There are still copies in the digital world and the video is daily reproduced in the social medias? YES. But just like the Monalisa, copies are everywhere and the original version from Leonardo da Vinci still has tremendous value in the market.

Here, the value of your work/art/idea is defined by the market. This NFT started at $0. Apparently, people think this creation is worth a lot more…

NFT as speculation only?

There are speculators everywhere, in every market. In NFT is not any different. There are people who like investing and speculating about specific digital arts and bet on them to become rare or valuable in the future.

However, we believe that NFT goes beyond pure speculation. Here are a few reasons:

  • By holding certain NFTs you might have special benefits, such as discounts on brands, special deals on whose NFT you’re holding
  • Social media nowadays is all about posting photos and videos, however, this might change. Changing it from only posting to collecting digital goods such as special tweets, rare videos, premium photos from influencers and that’s what we believe the new generation will be like

Where does Fanadise stand in all this?

With the potential of NFTs and the future of social media discussed above, we shall explore where Fanadise standouts in this industry.

Fanadise is a social media creator platform utilizing NFTs, we aim to revolutionize the new social media and we want to become a mainstream social media, with hundreds of millions of users.

Our vision is to make NFTs popular among no-coiners and bring new traffic to all the crypto projects and crypto space overall. We want to connect influencers with huge audiences, their content, their followers, bring them to our platform, mint NFTs for them, and change the way people perceive social media — make them owners of the content instead of just users

Fanadise invites you!

You are invited to participate in our journey and explore this amazing land of opportunity NFT brings! Fanadise is here to stay, regardless of any current hype NFT is in, we have our values clear and ambition to make Fanadise go mainstream.
We are early in the industry, so are you! You know timing is the most important thing in any investment, and when we talk about premium content, early adopters shall be rewarded.
We are just launching a new Digital DNA of Influencer and crafting special emotion NFT, take a look: https://martirenti.com

Marta Rentel, a regular girl from Poland. She’s going to let the digital world find LOVE for her; https://martirenti.com

What are you waiting for? Join us in this revolutionary journey!

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