Why the success of Fancy Bears is the success of Fanadise?

2 min readJan 8, 2022

What a month that was for the Fanadise team. It’s been exactly four weeks since we launched the marketing efforts for our PFP project — Fancy Bears Metaverse. Two days ago we sold out the entire collection for around 1200 ETH in total. The community right now is almost 200k amazing people on Discord, Twitter and Instagram. Most of them are seasoned NFT collectors from Bored Ape Yacht Club and other NFT communities. It was a success that we honestly didn’t even hoped for when we started. We achieved it because we worked day by day and night by night, 7 days a week, with the whole team of 14 people assigned to FBM project.

Fancy Bears Metaverse is a Fanadise project, which means that Fanadise owns, operates and benefits from everything that happened in the past weeks. Revenue that we generated through sales is the revenue of Fanadise. FBM became another part of Fanadise Metaverse that we’re building. Royalties from OpenSea will go to Fanadise vaults as well. In the following weeks you will see how we plan to bind FBM with Fanadise and $FAN token to create a unified ecosystem for different kinds of NFTs, where $FAN tokens will be used as a universal currency for every product that we’re going to build, ever.

In our previous roadmap, the NFT dashboard was the last step of what we announced. This dashboard will be released in January without any delays. Afterwards we will present you the new roadmap, more exciting, with more Web3 and Metaverse products, necessary in the way we see this market develops. We will also announce partnerships and deals, hardware technology that we were working on, FAN/KARMA use cases and much more.

Fanadise community had the opportunity to jump in FBM at the lowest price anyone had and before all other people. The current floor level is 4x to that price. Many Fanadise community members managed to make up what they temporarily lost in value due to $FAN token price action. We’re happy to see it, but this is only the beginning. After we announce and commence connecting all the elements that we create now, our token will become a beating heart of one of the most forward thinking Metaverse ecosystems. This is the moment when those of you who were patient enough will be rewarded.

See you in the Fancy Bears Metaverse! Please remember to join our Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

See you in the Metaverse,
Jakub Chmielniak, CEO & Co-Founder of Fanadise, Instagram, Twitter




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