$FAN — way forward

  1. Despite our efforts, we weren’t able to close it, which resulted in significant damage done to the new token. Exploiting bots were buying the old $FAN, transfering the tokens to the new contract, and dumping the token relentlessly. We will paste the wallet addresses of the bots below.
  2. We won’t be resuming the trading of $FAN token. We will provide compensation plan based on the snapshot. It also includes token staked in the app. You don’t need to do anything else.
  3. The recuperation plan will be implemented in 2023, will include a new token, that will be a part of the Trait Swap ecosystem.
  4. List of wallets that participated in the exploit:
  • 0xdE6DbC3847090F822548bF7c614CeB41700B5b69
  • 0x6F59812F32d5F18C343515a682Dc9E0E465C193F
  • 0x63C22782eA100FCD3d51c7e1E3c9f66Bc4B7E089



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Dynamic Labs are populating the Metaverse with all kinds of utility NFTs and digital content: fashion, traits, goods and PFPs.